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The Challenges Of Economic Policy And Banking Stability In Developing Countries

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Edicija: Časopis LIMESplus

Urednik: Ognjen Radonjić i Ivan Vujačić

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Dynamic economic growth and investors optimism faded away with the outburst of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008. The world financial crunch revealed numerous weaknesses of developing and emerging markets such as massive accumulation of debts and a widening of current account deficits in a growing number of big emerging economies such as Turkey, Brazil, India, South Africa as well as in a great number of South-East European economies. Unfortunately, as usual, the era of aberrant optimism was accompanied with increasing financial fragility since current account deficits were financed in ever riskier ways: more debt than equity and an increase in the share of short-term debt in total debt, hard currency-denominated debts and hot and whimsy cross-border interbank flows…